Got an invitation to draw at tonight's Sketch Tuesday at 111 Minna.  My buddy Dennis McNulty was also invited, so we decided to do some collaborative drawings.  He had some old vintage clothing catalogs that we were using to paint characters from our child hood cartoon memories. It was a fun drawing night and I got to share cartoon stories with folks. 

The before image to one of the drawing I worked on. We did some text treatment to the pages prior to painting.

Painted the head of Roboto from the original He-Man series. I had this toy for years after the series and completely forgot he was a He-Man character.  Glad you liked the piece David!

Before shot of one of the collaborative drawings. 

These are actually villains from the She-Ra series but they still look cool.  I painted Hordak and Dennis did Shadow Weaver.

Just having fun...

Another before shot of a collab drawing.

"The Wolk Pack"  I painted the Beast Man head and Dennis did Chui.

Had a blast revisiting some of these old cartoon characters. I gotta show these to my older brother, he'll get a kick out them!