A couple more little odds and ends for the bridal shower. Time was of the essence so I didn't have time to do any custom hand done type but played around with customizing some fonts. Jen's other sister Carol had asked me for various labels to mark little give aways and what not.

Although I'm not trying to break into the "Wedding " market, it was fun doing a quick style branding for the party. I was emailed a bunch of Etsy links to look up what the girls were thinking about. It was nice to see all the creative items people had made. It made me realize how big of a financial institution marriage contributes in the creative realm. Glad at least some creative folks can make a living from it.

Putting down some acrylic lettering on the main framed piece. 1/8" satin painted letters to match the frame.

Using templates, another time saver.

The finished piece. I helped hang some decorations on Sunday and eventually stuck around to BBQ some really awesome Cambodian skewers that Jen's mom had prepared. I couldn't complain, it was a warm sunny day, I was behind the grill, and I had some tasty egg roles  to keep me company:)