Working on the top lid to the exposure unit...

Using the original cord from the micro shop vac that I bought. The adapter shown was sawed down to the height I wanted. Tested out how I was going to fit the components together on a scrap piece. I definitely didn't want to mess up the cut on the final piece.

X marks the spot. I'm going to go with the traditional cord in from the top approach.

The plastic adapter had a small groove where I stretched a rubber band into place to get a snug fit. I probably should have bought a rubber seal/gasket but this will work. I zip tied over the rubber band afterwards.

A little silicon to make sure the fit is air tight. (Underside)

Plugged her in and took her for a test drive. Success! I'm still going to add a little seal around the edges of the top lid to avoid any air from escaping.

The unfiltered black light bulbs came in today, but I gotta wait to instal them until tomorrow...  boo.