Internal components for the Exposure Unit...

Picked up a Micro Shop Vac on sale for $26. This little shop vac is awesome because it almost seems like it was meant to be taken apart and used for makers. It completely comes apart piece by piece with no fuss. I'll be using this for the vacuum element to the exposure unit.

I only really need the motor and the On/Off switch so I'm breaking it down to the parts that I need.  I've kept the unit small so there's no room for extra parts.

I'm not an expert in electrical work yet so it's best to label things when you can and pay attention when you take things apart. That way you can put it together with no hiccups later. One thing that always amazes me about my Dad is that he can take a whole automobile apart piece by piece and know exactly how to put it back together. Some people have it and some don't I guess.