Finalizing the vacuum component to the Exposure Unit...

Can't say it enough about it.  If you're a maker of sorts, pick yourself up a Dremel 4000 to add to your arsenal. This little thing always comes in handy and gets in places where all my other tools can't.

 This thing looks more like a garbage disposal than a vacuum:) I found this little vacuum accessory adapter which mounted perfectly to the opening of the shop van. The vacuum cord will attach to that.

 This is what it looks like from outside of the box.

 A pair of screws properly secure the unit to the frame so it doesn't go spinning around each time its turned on.  For future units, I might just make the unit bigger and keep the shop vac intact so it can double as a functional shop vac. But for this project I'm going more for portabilty and design.

Went down to the local discount fabric. I was short on time which was probably a good thing since you can literally spend hours in these types of places. I found this weird stretchy opaque material in the vinyl fabric section. It doesn't allow air to pass which I need for the top cover of the unit. The inside of the material had this weird incandescent rubbery material. Perfect for making a superhero costume if that's what this project was about...but it's not.