Went to the local hardware store and picked up some led strips to fit inside the NES cartridge.  I saw an employee briefly wiring the configuration for another customer and took good mental notes.  Thanks Gavin.

The idea. Since there was not much room inside the NES cartridge I decided to go with these ultra thin LED strips.  When you don't know something, ask alot of questions and observe like your life depended on it.

Starting to link up the LED's with electrical wire and solder. Thanks to my buddy Ryan who reminded me that Radio Shack had this little soldering station.  Couldn't have gotten anything done without it.

Pretty good for just learning how to solder yesterday.  I can get into this.

LED's wired up and attached in place. I'm going to be running the lights off this lithium battery. Should give  me plenty of juice for hours at a time.  Time to check my work.

Decided to go with the cool white LED's, although in this picture they look really blue.

Snapped the cover on and this is how she looked.  Too bad you can't bottle up feelings of  initial astonishment.  Sure helps to keep pushing me through the night.