It seems like all the works for the The Magnificent Seven show are coming together.  Just one last piece to finish.  Been thinking about this one for a while and I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted it to look like from the beginning. The weeks of working on it is coming to a close and oddly enough it's made it harder knowing it's going to be done.

Trying to build my cleanest frame to date. Didn't help that the glass broke on me on my first attempt.  Learned my lesson and went with the double strength the second time around.

 Somebody asked me the other day what do I listen to when I work.  Well for this piece its been alot of Washed Out on repeat.  It helps that their cover art is very inspirational for the piece as well. Big Thanks to my buddy Felix Chow for helping with the amazing reference shots!

Things are moving along well. Using all my lessons in patience I've learned up to this point for this one. Happy Holidays everyone.