Treated myself yesterday to a little comic splurge.  Picked up some nice finds. 

The Death Ray by Daniel Clowes
The New Ghost by Robert HunterGreat story telling & artwork. Apparently the publisher NoBrow Press is doing a project called 17x 23 where new talented graphic novelists are given a chance to showcase their work in a one off story format. Keep your eyes out for them.
Even The Giants by Jesse Jacobs
Living Things vol 1 by Lizzy Stewart by awesome publishing house Little Otsu.  They actually offer a subscription for this series of mini art books by different artists each volume. $15 for 2 books every quarter, that's a deal.  Good local publisher to support.
Root Rot by various artists. Published by Koyama Press. Pretty rad little book with 2 page spreads by many artists I enjoy. 

I would love to do some small comic project at some point.  Maybe when the dust settles I'll try to muster up to make a zine or something tangible to document all these current projects I have going.  I'm definitely accumulating alot of sketches. 

 Here's some sketches from last night.  Trying to find just the right pose then I'm going to start breaking it down into it's most minimal geometric shapes.  This one should be fun.