Switching things up a little bit.  My friend Paola threw a little adult surprise party for a girl named Rachel that she nannies this past Saturday.  (By adult I mean she was the only kid at the party)  We thought it would be cool to make a life size cut out of Rachel for the party, so Paola sent me a recent pic she took of her.  After giving it a little thought I decided to make a little slogan to go along with the cut out. Gave me a chance to play around with more hand drawn typography.  This is what happened.

Had a couple of variations but time was short for this project.

The vectored color file.

Printed and mounted. Now its time for cutting.

Decided to cut it into 2 parts in case I had to take it on the bus with me.

The look on her face when she first saw it was absolutely worth it. Happy Birthday little Rachel!