Getting into the holiday spirit a little although I haven't made a costume as of yet.  Had some friends over for a night of pumpkin curry and pumpkin carving.  Not sure why I didn't get any shots of the finished curry but it came out GOOD!  After a few drinks and curry in our bellies, this is what we came up with...

Getting things started with the curry. Ended up using both of these butter cup squash plus a butter nut squash and yam, along with a slew of other good ingredients.

Picked up a few pumpkins at the neighborhood patch on 7th ave.  Gotta support your local pumpkin farmers.

Anything goes when carving, if you gotta a hunting knife then use it.

The first to be lit up. Good job Andrew.

Thanks to Karen & Judy for bringing desserts.  This one was a acorn squash custard steamed inside a buttercup squash. Yum!

View from inside..

Thanks to everyone who came out and added to the fun.

Here's my freestyle attempt at ET.  It probably could have been better but I had a good time so who cares.