Painted a clear polyurethane coat to the basketball hoop project and decided to go check out some art tonight. My friends Jet Martinez and Erik Otto were showing new works at Project One Gallery so it was a good chance to catch up with both of them.

Wish I would have gotten a better shot of Jet's painting, but there were too many people around. The scales which look like living leafs up close have so much detail work. Very Impressive! I hear his wife Kelly Ording has a show up at Needles And Pens with the works collected in a 75 page monograph. The print run is only an edition of 50 so I'll have to stop there tonight to pick up a copy.  Check out the flicker set

Erik Otto's new series of drawing/collages.

Loving the treatment to the paper. The charcoal line work is also a very nice element. The line work's character is very fluid and reminds of something that would occur in nature. Great job guys!