Been in a creative slump for the past few weeks... On the flip side I've been able to spend more time with family which is good.  Been visiting my Dad and brother's family out of town the last few weekends.  There's also been a shift with more energy focused towards my day job. Sometimes its harder than others to find the balance.  In the end I know I've got things pretty good and things could be worst so I'll just keep moving on.  I don't normally post work related project's but this one had a little more creative investment.

 Building out a dimensional sign for a food vendor at the San Francisco Giant's AT & T Park stadium.

My coworker Ivan designed the sign and it was up to me and my production team to figure out the dimensional build out.  We incorporated elements from the ball park like the brick wall background and green metal frame work to give it that SF Giant's feel.

She's hung up and ready for opening day. I hope this means we get free hotdogs for life or something?..GO Giants.