Last solid day to finish up the 'Swish ' project.  Doing some last finishing touches and installing the electrical for the letters.

Doing some pin stripe line work.  Didn't feel like messing up at this point so I went with the blue tape for caution. 

I took the rim out of my bag the other night to discover the bubble wrap I wrapped it in, had dug into the paint so I decided to gold leaf the rim.  It took a little longer but sometimes you just have to do things right.

Found these little beauties at the local hardware store. They'll work perfectly to secure the rim.

Had some left over LED light strips from another project which came in handy with low profile of the backboard. I laid down a mirrored vinyl on the inside of the backboard to help with light dispersion.

The LED lights were a little cooler than I wanted, so I back painted the letters with some Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide from Golden to give the letters a warmer glow.

Hit the on switch and we're Golden:)