A couple of months ago my friend Micheal Krouse who owns Madrone Art Bar here in SF, emailed me about an idea he had for an upcoming exhibition at his bar.  In his email, he said "People often ask me why Madrone is called an "ART BAR"  and the simplest explanation is: A sports bar, has TV's that show sports to engage the customers, and here I have ART, hens, the ART BAR.  Anyway, since March in the sports bar world is filled with the excitement of the NCAA college basketball tournament, called, "MARCH MADNESS" I was hoping to draft many creative minds in the hopes of altering miniature basketball hoops and then displaying all of them."

 Needless to say I was all in for the idea. It helped that the artist invited were given free reign to alter the miniature hoops as they saw fit. Should be a fun one!