The big day has come. Not the BIG big day but the install day for my upcoming show.  Fortunately the curator let me hang out and put up my own works. Thanks Micah.  Here's a quick glance on how it went.

With my works lined up in their locations, it was time to start measuring, mark, measure twice and begin drilling out holes for the anchors. The first few works were more traditional in shape so they went up easily.

With most of the art up, I began to work on painting the wall to the 'Trouble" piece.  Got a chance to do some hand painted lettering, it was fun.  I'll post a finished photo soon.

Six & a 1/2 hours later and this is what she looked like. I'm happy with how things turned out.

Close up of the NES piece titled "You can Never Go Back".  I can't believe I forgot to turn it on...  but I'll have plenty more preview shots posted soon.

 That's better.