What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday was completely foggy in the Sunset and today there's not a cloud in the sky.  Made sure to take in some sun before working on projects.

Started painting the army dog character on the cutting block.  Layed down a layer of house paint to get things started.

Last week at work, we were discussing the old Robocop movie for some reason and I got inspired to revisit that childhood memory.  My favorite quote was "Dead or Alive you're coming with me".  I might have used it at some point maybe while playing sports, I cant remember...

Got to a point where I was pretty happy with the pen and inks.  Got some new brush pens that were fun playing with.

Brought it into Illustrator to do some rough coloring. Tried to keep the colors somewhat muted.  I might try to clean up the red text.  Some of the curves got weird when I live traced the image.  I'm not set on the colors just yet but good progress for today.