During my lunch break today I had a last minute idea to make a shirt for a birthday present for my friend Denise.  She plays in a Skeeball league here is SF called Brewskeeball

Recreated a Skeeball table and added some nice old type for the design.  Had hoped to add some small decorative elements but ran out of time.  Still, I'm happy with how it came out on the shirt.

Went out to Buckshot Bar for Birthday celebrations.  This bar has everything.  Good Food, Skeeball, pool table, great classic arcades and FREE shuffle board, plus some amazing taxidermy.  You can literally bring your sketchbook and spend hours drawing all kinds of objects

Close games on the Shuffle board table...

Back to back Skeeball. 

Thanks for the pose Denise! Glad you liked the shirt. Gotta say this picture looks pretty Hot :D Fortunately their photo booth had more than enough light for this shot.