So I was invited to Sketch Tuesday tonight. Had a great time, there were tons of great artists like Jessica Hess to my right making rad drawings!

There were moments when things weren't chaotic and you could chat with fellow artists and onlookers.  Got to sit in front of artist Chelsea Brown seeing her do her thing first hand. Really cool work.

More artists making art. Thanks to my buddy Ryan Grossman for going around taking photos for me.

Now time for me to get moving on my own work. Layed down a few light acrylic washes to begin this yellow tail fish head.

A shot of the finished piece. I used some plotted vinyl for the heart logo. The text in this picture is not sharp but it reads "Hamachi Kama" for my love of fish cheeks of course.

My second work for the night was a portrait of Ignacio played by Jack Black in Nacho Libre. I love that movie!

More washes later and it's starting to take shape.

Ignacio in his complete state. I'm happy with how it turned out.

My last piece of the night. I couldn't finish it before the event was over & didn't want to rush it so I'll keep working on it at home. I'm thinking of adding some type to the piece. Didn't realize how rich in color Bacon could be...