An old friend of my dads William Handal here in the town of Sonsonate, El Salvador has spent the last 11 years building this amazing miniature landscape for his model trains. Inspired by a recent trip to Germany, he has recreated many building he visited all by hand. There are no hobby stores 100 miles in any direction.  A true master of the miniature.

 Once all the lights in the room were shut off, the entire city came to life. Even the rear lights of the cars lit up.

 A small train depot where trains collected or donated from all over the world are stationed.

This is part of an earlier section created.  It probably occupies about a 14x 18 foot area.  These are not store bought trees...amazing.

The "German" section of the landscape which is just beyond the bridge, is the most recent of the project. William knocked down one of the walls to his house in order to expand it. He hopes to expand more but needs to cut down the huge Mango tree on the other side of the wall.  Thats dedication!