Went to the Alemany St. Flea Market today and found some gems.  Not sure why I don't make it to these things more often. I love walking around looking at discarded stuff and bit and ends.  My dad use to take my brothers and I to old ham radio swap meets.  Only he would wake us up at 6am.  We would sometimes find a Commadore 64 game that my Dad might buy us, but I actually looked forward to eating the occasional burnt hot dogs they would be selling.

Looking back on it, I should have bought these 2 comics. It was too early in the search so I decided not to.  Regrets, we all live with them.

One of a few good scores. Had to get this baby duckling! Best 8 bucks ever spent. Thanks Jen for spotting me the cash. 
Every once in a while there are times when it seems there is a higher force at work.  Small signs are presented to you.  Found this old bootleg NES system with top loading slot. Its going to be perfect as a shelf for the NES project I have going. Now I just have to gut it.